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Yawar Baig & Associates™ is an Organizational Development Consulting company specializing in helping organizations achieve their goals by aligning their structure and business processes with their Core Ideology. Our core strength is in Leadership Development & Management Training and helping organizations to create greater commitment, build self-managed teams and helping Technical specialists with transition into Leadership and Management roles.

We specialize in Family Business Consulting, enabling the critical transition from being ‘Person-driven to becoming Process-driven’. We leverage our experience of working both in family businesses and global MNCs to show business families how to grow, yet stay together. We specialize in Performance Excellence, Leadership Development and Change Management.

Mirza Yawar Baig is the founder and President.

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Forget about money

Money measures nothing except greed. When money becomes the objective, misery is the return. Service is the goal, the result of which is prosperity.Money is an effect, a result. What do I mean? Well, you see, we live in a world of cause and effect. The...

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Value friendships

Friends are not forever, but for as long as you live. And that is long enough, so choose wiselyBut first take the trouble to decide who is a good friend.1. A good friend is someone who tells you what you need to hear, not only what you want to    ...

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Complacency is death.

Invite the 'ghost competitor' and beat your own record. The 'ghost competitor' is a tool that great athletes use to improve their own standards of performance. If you are Usain Bolt, you are already the fastest man on the planet. That you are actually slightly...

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