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  • Indian Muslims – Looking ahead

    Indian Muslims – Looking ahead

    It must be made clear to all concerned that the issue of the development of Muslims is not an issue of Muslims alone. It is an issue of this land of ours. No country can survive, much less grow and prosper where a large part of its population has no access to its prosperity. We…

  • Marriage Advice – Quick Recap

    Marriage Advice – Quick Recap

    Keep confidence. What’s between you two must remain between the two of you only. Nobody else. She’s your Best Friend and you are hers. Respect that relationship and your marriage will be a source of great blessing. Let anyone else into that relationship, mother, father, sibling, anyone, and it’s doomed. It’s as simple as that.…

  • Our window is open now

    Our window is open now

    Remember that learning about human beings is only done by experience. Not on TV or social media but by meeting the walking, talking, breathing, warm body called _______ fill in the blank. Do that respectfully, sensitively, in a spirit of enquiry. For that, learn something about their culture, taboos, preferences, and beliefs, non-judgmentally. Judging builds…

  • Do ideology-led movements need systems?

    Do ideology-led movements need systems?

    Ideology defines the goal and the path that leads to it. Skill is necessary to do what it takes to reach the goal. Leaders must always keep the purpose in mind and not allow their ego, personal likes and dislikes, affiliations, or anything else to get in the way of choosing the right people. Nobody…

  • Gun-rights, gun-wrongs

    Gun-rights, gun-wrongs

    There were 693 mass shootings (where 4 or more people died) in the US in 2021. I checked and found that the days in 2021 were still 365. Do the math. I wonder if any of those holding the signs, also held the body of their little child, dead from a bullet in the heart…

  • Stand for justice to stand for peace

    Stand for justice to stand for peace

    Wars happen because wars make profit. What we see is the destruction of the lives of innocent people. What we don’t hear is the ringing of cash registers for the sale of weapons of mass destruction. Millions of lives are devastated so that the top 1% of 1% can get wealthier. Wars happen because we…

  • Giving up too soon

    Giving up too soon

    One who understands this does not lose hope or energy but smiles in anticipation of reaching the last stage when he knows that the pan will start to descend to the counter-top.

  • Fighting crime in South Africa

    Fighting crime in South Africa

    The situation is grave enough to warrant all the energy that we can put behind these efforts. I am sure those who are suffering from this, will agree and I pray that they have the energy and influence to create change. All change can only come from within.

  • Stand by your word

    Stand by your word

    There was an important lesson for me to take away; if you win, you will find that you have a lot of supporters. If I had been reprimanded by the Minister and ordered to withdraw the letter, then I do not know how many of my supporters would have stood on the same side of…

  • They tried to bury seeds

    They tried to bury seeds

    To address or change a result we must address its cause. Peace is a result. Justice is its cause. If we want peace, we must establish justice. Without justice there can never be peace. Those who fight for justice are called by different names and are always persecuted, maligned, and sought to be eliminated by…