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  • Winning means staying in the race

    Winning means staying in the race

    The first thing to learn therefore is to listen to some hard talk without flinching. In the ring, the one who wins is not the one who can hit hardest but the one who can take a hard hit and remain standing. That is life. The race doesn’t end when you fall but when you…

  • Winning is a Personal Choice

    Winning is a Personal Choice

    Winning is about dedication. It is about concentration. It is about focus. It is about making tough choices willingly. It is about stepping forward and saying, ‘Choose me not because I am cheap but because I can give you the best value.’ Winning is not an accident. Winning is not a mystery. You will win…

  • What makes a Winner?

    What makes a Winner?

    In life, only winners are rewarded. So the first requirement of winning is to be passionate about winning. To realize that a real win is one that is gained fairly, with integrity and without harming anyone. Only that is a win.

  • Self-assessment is your commitment to yourself

    Self-assessment is your commitment to yourself

    The mirror can only reflect what is in front of it. It is for me to decide what to do about it Performance Appraisals are things that are done in organizations and most people don’t like them. Except the winners, that is. Winners like to ‘show off.’ I mean that in a positive sense. They…

  • Winners and Losers

    There are two kinds of losers. 1.    One is a loser who lost despite his best effort but doesn’t accept defeat. He analyses what happened, accepts what he needs to change in order to win. Then he disciplines himself and works ceaselessly until he wins. 2.    The other doesn’t even understand why he lost, doesn’t bother to…

  • The One who controls the language controls the debate

    May Allahﷻ help this Ummah but we are living in very difficult times. The biggest challenge seems to be to maintain emotional and psychological equilibrium in the midst of the battering as if in a storm. While we are battered by storms, some of our own making, we still have to keep walking on the…

  • How to Win

    How to Win – Enjoyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_HtSvcc2pk

  • Change the Script

    “If you always do what you always did you’ll always get what you always got. If you want to get what you never had, you have to do what you never did.” Many times we find ourselves stuck in a negative cycle, especially with respect to certain people; parents, spouses, parents in law, friends; where…