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  • How can I become an organizational consultant?

    How can I become an organizational consultant?

    Constantly update your knowledge and experience. Admit a mistake if you make it and show how you learned from it. Don’t make excuses or try to shift the blame to someone else. Honesty always pays. Honesty is critical to building credibility which is the lifeblood of consulting. Without credibility you are nothing and will never…

  • First Breakthrough

    First Breakthrough

    Integrity for me has always been an all-or-nothing value. Like the famous quote, ‘You can’t be slightly pregnant,’ I believe that you can’t be slightly dishonest. But of course, you must be willing to pay the price for your convictions. I got a reputation in the market for being completely inflexible on ethical matters. The…

  • Advice to a friend going off to university

    Advice to a friend going off to university

    Last but not least, be kind. Especially to those who have no power to benefit you. They are the most important because the one who has nobody, has Allah and his voice reaches the Throne of Allah even if he doesn’t worship Him. Fear the dua (prayer) of the oppressed for there is no barrier…

  • Every end is a new beginning

    Every end is a new beginning

    My planting story ends on a very happy note which always brings great happiness to my heart. After spending three years in Ambadi, I decided to quit planting and seek my fortune elsewhere. One year later in 1994, I launched by consulting company, Yawar Baig & Associates, in Bangalore and have never looked back. Planting…

  • As you sow, so you reap

    As you sow, so you reap

    In my entire career as a general manager, it is a matter of pride for me that I did not give a single paisa as a bribe to any union leader to get what I wanted. I always stood on principle and was able to win every single matter that went for arbitration simply based…

  • For he was a man

    For he was a man

    I learnt, very practically, that the best way to make progress was to develop a relationship based on sincerity as that would be the only thing that you could count on, especially in hard times. I remember how Nick Adams used to put it. He’d say, “A relationship is like a bank account. You only…

  • The meaning of ‘Covenant’

    The meaning of ‘Covenant’

    Anyone can teach you what to do. But hard taskmasters teach you standards. That is the biggest favor that anyone can do for you. That is what I owe to AVG and Ahmed. Both were the kindest of people off the job, but on the job, it was a different matter. If you did well,…

  • People listen with their eyes

    People listen with their eyes

    The plantation industry is perhaps the finest place in which to learn leadership in a very hands-on manner. It is hugely exciting, sometimes very painful and always beneficial; the lessons learnt of lasting benefit. It is a treasure-trove of memories that last all life long; decades after most of us left planting. It enriches us…

  • Committing matrimony

    Committing matrimony

    Truth, Caring, Mutual respect are what I call my three Cardinal Principles of happy marriages. Please notice that I am not using the word ‘love’. Love comes out of these three things. What is called love is usually physical desire. The shape or size of someone’s body is not the inspiration for love; it can…

  • What makes a Winner?

    What makes a Winner?

    In life, only winners are rewarded. So the first requirement of winning is to be passionate about winning. To realize that a real win is one that is gained fairly, with integrity and without harming anyone. Only that is a win.