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  • Hope Forum

    Hope Forum

    The Hope Forum is a place that the injured from Twitter, Facebook and other social media can come, to detox and cure themselves from the negativity of the world. There’s much good happening in the world that gets no lift. Bad news sells. So we’ll give each other good news for free. And you’ll be…

  • Marriage Advice – Quick Recap

    Marriage Advice – Quick Recap

    Keep confidence. What’s between you two must remain between the two of you only. Nobody else. She’s your Best Friend and you are hers. Respect that relationship and your marriage will be a source of great blessing. Let anyone else into that relationship, mother, father, sibling, anyone, and it’s doomed. It’s as simple as that.…

  • The best advice that I can give

    The best advice that I can give

    Reputation or rather Positive Reputation is another term for Trust. Trust is another word for success. So it is important to think before you speak because the words are momentary but their effect lasts for a very long time.

  • Bells of friendship

    Bells of friendship

    English villages have a charm of their own. Cottages with thatch roofs, stone walls, dating back sometimes more than a century and gardens that clearly showed the enormous attention and effort that was put into them. Always a church and a cemetery, very peaceful and quiet, which explains why people die to get there. Flowers…

  • Training dogs – discovering yourself

    Training dogs – discovering yourself

    The biggest benefit of having a dog from my perspective is the companionship that the dog provides, of non-judgmental, unconditional love. For the dog, you are the most precious, beautiful, and admirable person  in the world to whom the dog dedicates himself lifelong. No matter that in the eyes of the world you are poor,…

  • Of dogs and men

    Of dogs and men

    I love animals. And among those I love dogs and horses. I also love cats. But there is a very distinct difference between a dog and a cat. A dog looks at you and says, ‘He must be God because he is looking after me.’ A cat looks at you and says, ‘I must be…

  • Do ideology-led movements need systems?

    Do ideology-led movements need systems?

    Ideology defines the goal and the path that leads to it. Skill is necessary to do what it takes to reach the goal. Leaders must always keep the purpose in mind and not allow their ego, personal likes and dislikes, affiliations, or anything else to get in the way of choosing the right people. Nobody…

  • My parents – Ordinary people who left extraordinary memories

    My parents – Ordinary people who left extraordinary memories

    But through all those years, through all the pain, the restricted mobility and consequently restricted social life, I never heard her complain even once. That is the remarkable thing about both my parents, that they never complained about whatever difficulties they had to face.

  • Thou shalt not commit matrimony with thine eyes shut

    Thou shalt not commit matrimony with thine eyes shut

    Be in the job of creating memories for each other. Because that will be your legacy and the only thing which will remain with you one day. Forget justice, think abundance. Forget rights, think duties. You will be questioned about your duties. Not about your rights. If both spouses fulfill their duties, their rights will…

  • Tribute to my friend Bonnie McIvor

    Tribute to my friend Bonnie McIvor

    Every time I think of my journey of entrepreneurship, I realize that I didn’t become an entrepreneur when I launched my company in 1994, but when I answered Bonnie McIvor’s question about why I was not accepting her brilliant offer of a job in GE. That was the critical incident which decided my destiny. And…