55 Life Lessons of 55 years

Blog Fifity Five Life Lessons

Never try to change your spouse

Go look in the mirror and tell yourself that the only one in the world who thinks that you are an unqualified blessing is perhaps your mother and that too, perhaps. Tell yourself that you married your spouse because you liked them, not because you found them when they lost their way to their shrink. They didn’t come to be changed. They came to be friends, to share their lives, to slog their butts off to keep you in the style to which you have become accustomed. Surely that deserves a ‘thank you’? Look at their good side. The side you married them for.

Take tough decisions

Problems need solutions, not complaints or endless analyses. We need solutions, not tedious explanations. In all the years that I have been advising companies about achieving remarkable results, especially family businesses, one thing is very clear. Top management’s unwillingness or inability to take tough calls is the single, most destructive factor that blocks their success. …

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Tomorrow also has only 24 hours

Good intentions are not a substitute for systematic action.  Neither is enthusiasm a substitute for discipline.  Noise is different from music We all have the same 24 hours and no, tomorrow won’t have more. All tomorrows have only 24 hours. ‘Tomorrow I’ll have more time,’ is the biggest self- deception line of all time. The …

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Focus on contribution – not entitlement

Add value first.  Entitlement will follow.  Entitlement goes with the territory.  Contribution defines the territory Because entitlement is directly proportional to contribution. Entitlement is the result of contribution. If you want more ‘entitlement’, contribute more. Only those who contribute greatly are entitled to great rewards. What do I mean? We live in a world of …

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Use things, not people; Value people, not things

Invest in people, not things Right people add value. Possessions add cost, not value and always depreciate Surround yourself with great people and value them. Tell them, show them, and do it often. Valuing is not simply patting backs or giving blue ribbons or bonus cheques. Valuing is to push them to do their best, …

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