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  • What is wrong with the Climate Change message

    What is wrong with the Climate Change message

    The bottom line is that if we want action on Climate Change & Global Warming, we must device language that makes sense to ordinary people, creates a sense of urgency in them, shows them how their individual actions can have global impact and most importantly give them viable alternatives to replace what they are doing/using…

  • Indian Muslims – Looking ahead

    Indian Muslims – Looking ahead

    It must be made clear to all concerned that the issue of the development of Muslims is not an issue of Muslims alone. It is an issue of this land of ours. No country can survive, much less grow and prosper where a large part of its population has no access to its prosperity. We…

  • O! Teacher, stop teaching

    O! Teacher, stop teaching

    If I were asked to define the biggest challenge for the teacher, I would say, ‘It is to teach children how to deal with a world that we know nothing about.’ In such a world, imagination is the key resource that they will need. Without imagination they would be floundering trying to find answers in…

  • Beware of gradual change

    Beware of gradual change

    Your Pink Slip was written the first time you passed up an opportunity to learn. It was just sent to you on the day you received it. What is sad is not the Pink Slip but that it was you who wrote it for yourself.

  • Teaching to Transform

    Teaching to Transform

    Education is not the responsibility of schools and teachers alone but must be a partnership in parenting between parents, teachers, and children. All three are stakeholders and must have a say in what happens. Parenting can’t be outsourced. You can’t pay someone to raise your children just like you can’t pay someone to diet on…

  • Our window is open now

    Our window is open now

    Remember that learning about human beings is only done by experience. Not on TV or social media but by meeting the walking, talking, breathing, warm body called _______ fill in the blank. Do that respectfully, sensitively, in a spirit of enquiry. For that, learn something about their culture, taboos, preferences, and beliefs, non-judgmentally. Judging builds…

  • Building bridges through understanding

    Building bridges through understanding

    How do you build bridges? By consciously doing two things. One, focus on the commonalities. Two, see difference as a joyful discovery. Alright! Not joyful, then at least interesting. We must make the shift mentally that difference between people is precisely and only that – different. It is not good or bad, nice or nasty,…

  • Madrassa education – Crying need for change

    Madrassa education – Crying need for change

    The present syllabus is totally inadequate both theologically and in a worldly sense. Add to that the fact that graduates come out with the title of A’alim, and an inflated sense of their own importance combined with an inferiority complex. Sounds crazy but it’s their reality. This happens when their Madrassa-inflated egos meet the real…

  • Selecting Members for Masjid Boards

    Selecting Members for Masjid Boards

    The Masjid is perhaps the most important component of any Muslim community and how it is run has a big impact on the ability of the community to remain cohesive, active, and productive. In America this is particularly complex because there is so much cultural and ethnic diversity. However, when you look at Masjid Board…

  • Living in a Revolution

    Living in a Revolution

    We are living in a revolution. What we choose to do or not to do will leave a legacy that will be uniquely ours. Let us choose for the future of generations, not our own present, so that it will be a legacy of honor.