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  • Rethinking Education

    Rethinking Education

    Schools need to create a way to give a wide variety of experience as part of the teaching curriculum. I have suggested ways to accomplish this later in this paper. Parents and schools that shy away from this are doing a great disservice to their wards. Each school can do whatever is practicable for them…

  • 8 – Keys to Consulting

    8 – Keys to Consulting

    Remember that your real customer is only the one who is willing to pay you. All others are like footfalls in a mall. They came to walk in an air-conditioned environment, out of the heat of the day. You happen to be there, so they are passing their time in your shop. If they walk…

  • Fighting crime in South Africa

    Fighting crime in South Africa

    The situation is grave enough to warrant all the energy that we can put behind these efforts. I am sure those who are suffering from this, will agree and I pray that they have the energy and influence to create change. All change can only come from within.

  • They tried to bury seeds

    They tried to bury seeds

    To address or change a result we must address its cause. Peace is a result. Justice is its cause. If we want peace, we must establish justice. Without justice there can never be peace. Those who fight for justice are called by different names and are always persecuted, maligned, and sought to be eliminated by…

  • Cultural Differences in Multinational Teams – An Indian perspective

    Cultural Differences in Multinational Teams – An Indian perspective

    Don’t ‘tolerate’ but appreciate, accept, and enjoy others as they are. You tolerate things, people, situations, and conditions which are essentially unpleasant and negative. You don’t tolerate a ride in a private jet, or a Rolls Royce or Triple Sunday Chocolate ice cream. You love it, you appreciate it and you are thankful for it.…

  • Fantasy and Reality

    Fantasy and Reality

    Another thing about social media is that it is like masturbation. It takes away the drive without achieving any result. How many times have you seen a WhatsApp video about some great injustice and cruelty, the sunken cheeks of a starving child, war torn Yemen or the Uighur and Rohinga genocide? How many times did…

  • WhatsUp with WhatsApp?

    WhatsUp with WhatsApp?

    For those who want to say at the end of all this, “What difference does my leaving this space make? After all I am only one person.” I say to you, “Even if you can’t stop them, don’t join them. For in the end, it is not about them. It is about you. It is…

  • Democracy and the Corporation

    Democracy and the Corporation

    Corporations run our world and so it’s no use talking about democracy, equality, human dignity and freedom when none of these are corporate values. Corporations are and promote autocracy, blind followership, and conformity while talking about the importance of freedom, dissent and innovativeness. Thereby they also promote and reward hypocrisy. If the world is to…

  • Dilemma of the Revolutionary

    Dilemma of the Revolutionary

    Educate people on the steps forward and show them a realistic plan where they can see how to succeed and taste that success in a reasonable period of time. It is essential that people see results in their main pain areas and see them fast. Government must be seen to be doing things. Saying, ‘We…

  • 7 – Leadership Lessons from herding sheep

    7 – Leadership Lessons from herding sheep

    The shepherd protects the flock, so must be courageous. There are many threats all of which the shepherd must be aware of and know what to do about them. A shepherd must be prepared to put himself in danger to save his flock because sheep can’t defend themselves, let alone defending the shepherd. Since not…