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  • Advice to a friend going off to university

    Advice to a friend going off to university

    Last but not least, be kind. Especially to those who have no power to benefit you. They are the most important because the one who has nobody, has Allah and his voice reaches the Throne of Allah even if he doesn’t worship Him. Fear the dua (prayer) of the oppressed for there is no barrier…

  • Controlling our future

    Controlling our future

    Our challenge, as educators, parents, leaders, and concerned citizens is to make this happen not for one person but on a scale that will show a difference in a short time. The longer we take to create a core group of independent people who can think, solve problems, take risk, own responsibility, and stand up…

  • Active Listening – How to do it

    Active Listening – How to do it

    Active listening can and should be used in every significant communication, especially in potentially conflictful, stressful, controversial, adversarial, and sensitive situations. These may include but are not restricted to, management-union negotiations, conflict resolution, arbitration, reconciliation, communication between spouses, parents and children, manager-subordinate, especially while giving critical feedback, physician-patient, especially when giving news about critical, even…

  • Gun-rights, gun-wrongs

    Gun-rights, gun-wrongs

    There were 693 mass shootings (where 4 or more people died) in the US in 2021. I checked and found that the days in 2021 were still 365. Do the math. I wonder if any of those holding the signs, also held the body of their little child, dead from a bullet in the heart…

  • Stand for justice to stand for peace

    Stand for justice to stand for peace

    Wars happen because wars make profit. What we see is the destruction of the lives of innocent people. What we don’t hear is the ringing of cash registers for the sale of weapons of mass destruction. Millions of lives are devastated so that the top 1% of 1% can get wealthier. Wars happen because we…

  • Giving up too soon

    Giving up too soon

    One who understands this does not lose hope or energy but smiles in anticipation of reaching the last stage when he knows that the pan will start to descend to the counter-top.

  • Hiring Winners

    Hiring Winners

    We all start in the same place. We all start as idealists. I have yet to see a child who was not an idealist. We all want to make a difference to the world we live in, to do great things and to be remembered. We all want to be winners. But how many people…

  • Your customers build your brand – Not you

    Your customers build your brand – Not you

    Whether you are a taxi driver or the Chairperson of a global corporation, the rule is the same – do what you are passionate about and do it to a level of excellence consistently. That is your brand, and your customers will take it to the world.

  • Entrepreneurship is the ultimate test of commitment

    Entrepreneurship is the ultimate test of commitment

    Entrepreneurship is all about spirit. But first we must recognize our purpose and then we need to consciously accept it. That is the scary part. But that is the threshold that must be crossed to demonstrate that we are in and not out. Choices are not always easy. As a matter of fact, all the…

  • CV – See Me

    CV – See Me

    Speak the truth in the CV because you’ll have to live by it. Calling an ass ‘a transportation system’ is allowed, but you may be pushing it. Decide if you are a rabbit or a monkey. Don’t apply for a tree climbing job if you are a rabbit. No amount of positive thinking will get…