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  • Dealing with grief

    Dealing with grief

    We remember that life is a struggle and those who are successful are those who overcome the struggle they face. Who do you respect more? Someone who lives a charmed life with every happiness and so was never depressed or suicidal. Or someone who faced hardship, loss, bereavement, fell into deep depression, became suicidal, on…

  • I can breathe

    I can breathe

    The world is going mad, but not my world. I watch the news. And I am thankful that I am not ‘news’. Can I count the favors of my Lord? What is each one worth? Which of the favors of my Lord will I deny?

  • Give me happiness

    Give me happiness

    Let us carry on the fight. Let us pledge to fight all hatred, all discrimination, all racism, all apartheid, no matter where it exists. All hatred is fire. All fire burns and the result is always ash. Say this loudly, clearly, and always. Say it especially if you are the only one saying it. Because…

  • Beware of the C – Word

    Beware of the C – Word

    If you think success is difficult, try failure. To accept mediocrity is to accept failure at the start. Mediocrity ensures that your failure is permanent. That drug is called ‘compromise.’ I know that there are more mediocre people in the world than those who achieve excellence. But ask yourself who you would rather be –…

  • How can I become an author?

    How can I become an author?

    You become an author by writing. Not by talking about how badly you want to become an author. It is like drawing or singing – people hesitate to do it because they don’t think they are good at it. That explains the popularity of bathroom singing because you do it in what you think is…

  • Give me a hug!!

    Give me a hug!!

    We are touchy, feely creatures. Our most powerful ways to communicate have always been wordless. When our emotions peak, we are struck speechless. Our gestures, hugs, and tears tell the tale far more powerfully than anything we could have said. Words uttered at such times appear contrived and artificial, devoid of sincerity. We didn’t speak.…

  • Mentor, memories, legacy

    Mentor, memories, legacy

    I learnt the meaning of consideration, kindness, sensitivity, manners, social graces, and hospitality. And all these and more, I learnt by seeing them in action. That to me is the true meaning of mentoring. And Aunty Mohini lives on in my heart as my first and greatest mentor.

  • Of Game Drives and Choices

    Of Game Drives and Choices

    And that is when I discovered something about my own nature. I discovered that it was impossible for me to kill something as beautiful and majestic as this. I just stood there and looked, drinking in the sight of this fabulous animal coming up the slope, carrying his antlers as proudly as any king with…

  • Once upon a forest

    Once upon a forest

    When you sit silently, you become a part of the surroundings. Your ears initially buzz with the residual sound of the bustle you left behind. But after a while, they fall silent and then you begin to hear the sounds of the forest.

  • Kumbhalgarh Tiger Reserve

    Kumbhalgarh Tiger Reserve

    In an area as thickly populated as this, where cattle are routinely sent into the forest to graze, this is like offering candy to a kid. Human animal conflict is inevitable and so is its result in which the animal always pays the price with its life.