I can breathe

I can breathe, freely, effortlessly, continuously

I take a deep breath, I take another

I smell and taste the pure, cold, air

I look out of my window

Pure white snow covers every blemish

Footprints on the deck: Cat and Squirrel

One behind the other

Dark eyed juncos, Rose finches and the ever-present Sparrows

Some drop the seeds, so others can feed.

Hot steaming coffee, toasty toes, an almond cookie

And then he comes, the scarlet Northern Cardinal

Blood-red on the white snow backdrop

A red rose with wings, a rose that sings

Not now. Not in winter.

But in summer he serenades me every day

I get out of bed, my body works

I open the fridge, it is full

I listen for sounds, no sirens, only birds

My family, my friends, all safe

The world is going mad, but not my world

I watch the news. And I am thankful that I am not ‘news’.

Can I count the favors of my Lord? What is each one worth?

Which of the favors of my Lord will I deny?

I can breathe

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