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Imagine a desert. That is our world. A desert of hatred, suspicion, violence and despair. Imagine wandering in this desert, throat parched, fearing enemies all around, nearing the end of your strength and just as you think you can’t go any further, you see an oasis. That is The Hope Forum. It is an oasis in the desert.

What does an oasis have that the desert doesn’t? Life giving water, shade giving trees, fruit to eat, grass to lie down on and gaze at the sky through the fronds of the trees, listening to the birds singing, the croaking of frogs on lily pads and the occasional plop of the Kingfisher when he dives for the unwary fish. The scorching life sucking wind of the desert, cools down and becomes the cool breeze that’s now wafting over your face. That is what passing over water and does to it. It cools it down.

What else do oases do? They attract rain clouds. What’s the good of that in a desert? Have you ever seen a desert after the rain? For a brief span the desert blooms. The bleak, parched landscape turns overnight into a carpet of green and flowers. That’s not because flower seeds rain out of the sky. It is because every desert has in it, seeds of flowers. All it takes is some rain to make them grow. So eventually if oases grow and multiply – lo and behold – no more desert.

That is what we hope that “The Hope Forum” will do. Give sustenance and life to those exhausted of traveling in the desert. Let them drink crystal clear, clean, cold water; eat sweet fruits, listen to birdsong and rest on the grass. Let them meet. Listen to each other. And think of how to create more oases.

If we can do this together and if we can do this enough, then a day will come, when people of the world will take charge of their destiny and wrench it back from those who control it today. The people of the world will put more value on life than on death, on virtue than on vice, on compassion than on cruelty, on justice than on greed. Then and only then can the wars end. Refugees will go back home. People will smile once again. Global security will no longer be under threat and our children will read about how the world was saved, because their elders broke the cycle. The cycle of hatred. The cycle of suspicion. The cycle of violence. Having lived for decades in a world where security checks were unheard of and you just walked onto a plane and got off safely at the other end, routinely without comment, I know this is not a pipe-dream but very possible. It just requires the will. Since I don’t know anyone, including TSA guys, who love security checks, I don’t see why it can’t happen again – if we want it to.

The Hope Forum is a place that the injured from Twitter, Facebook and other social media can come, to detox and cure themselves from the negativity of the world. There’s much good happening in the world that gets no lift. Bad news sells. So we’ll give each other good news for free. And you’ll be automatically chucked out if you post anything negative. The rule for this forum will be that only productive and positive things can be shared. Nothing negative. No criticism of anyone or anything. No praising yourself. Praise others and let others praise you. No pontificating, no proselytizing. No promoting of any particular religion, ideology, politics, shop, product, service or yourself. Only appreciating what others are doing. Let others speak about your work while you do it quietly and sincerely because you believe in it and in yourself. The Hope Forum is something that seeks to change the whole culture of social networking which is simply another name for self-promotion and one-upmanship. We have nothing against any religion, ideology, politics, shop, product, service or you. Just that if you want to promote any of this go somewhere else. This is not the place for it.

The Hope Forum is about promoting others. Showing the world how many good people there are, in every country, every nationality, every race, who are working quietly to make this world a better place. Your job as a Hope Forum member is to find them and tell the world about them through The Hope Forum. That is if you want to join.

Share a good song, story, picture, thought, dream, idea. But only good, only positive, only thankful, only appreciation. Tell all of us who are with you on The Hope Forum, what you liked, appreciated and recall with pleasure.

She knelt and bowed her head

“I failed”, she cried.

The Master said, “Thou dids’t thy best. That is success.”

For in the final analysis, we will not be asked, “What happened?”
We will be asked, “What did you do?”

This is my first post. It is about this young man I saw in Pune – Samir Key Maker. Samir is a very Indian name and can belong to someone from any religion. Mohammed Samir (my nephew), Samir Joshi (a very good friend), Samir Singh, Samir Joseph. So Samir represents Indian youth to me. The best in Indian youth. A symbol of courage and confidence. He doesn’t just sit there on the pavement. He announces who he is. He has his phone number on the sign so that people can call him if they don’t have the time to stop by. He has a white sheet on which the tools of his trade are set out. What does a white sheet signify? To me it signifies quality. He is saying, “Look at my sheet and see if it is clean to decide what the quality of my work is going to be.” Now that is a statement of great confidence. His sheet is spotless. If you meet him, tell him I remember him. He doesn’t know me. But I know him. I remember him. I honor him. And I tell the world about him.  Samir is the symbol of hope. 

If you want to share a problem, a pain, a complaint; then reflect on it and think of a solution. Then share it with the solution. So the only problems we will allow are problem definitions of solutions. As someone said, ‘Every problem has at least two possible solutions. Do not enter this room until you have thought of both of them.’

The Hope Forum is open to everyone; any age, gender, religion or not, nationality, race, ethnicity, waist measurement, height, weight, strength; whether you can sing or croak, whether you can dance of shuffle, whether you can run or toddle, whether you are tall in your own imagination or in people’s eyes, whether only you can eat your cooking or others also can, whether anyone else, other than your dog loves you or not – we do. So join us. But read the condition below and stick to it.

The Hope Forum is open to everyone who accepts and agrees with our conditions of being a member i.e. good only, positive only, appreciation only, smiles only, solutions only.

No other conditions for joining.

For you The Hope Forum is born the day you join. Long may it survive. Fast may it grow. And great may be the goodness it brings to all the world.

I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is in my control.

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Great idea, May it become the catalyst of transforming ideas into action eventually leading to establishing justice on the earth.

Fr. Warren J. Savage

Thank you for providing a safe space for people to share a loving, compassionate, and hopeful message in a world drowning in hatred, conflict, violence, despair, and indifference.

I am blessed to be surrounded by people from diverse backgrounds and experience who affirm the goodness of humanity and strive to be examples of unconditional love, compassion, mercy, goodness, nonviolence, forgiveness, peace, and justice.

Every act of love and compassion keeps the flame of hope burning brightly in throughout the universe.

Nusrath Alam

What a beautiful idea! A ray of hope! This is exactly what we need at this time when there’s nothing but ugliness everywhere. The negativity is actually making people sick.

I hope this idea catches on and spreads around the globe!

Mohammad Saleem Bajwa

Excellent initiative. Let the goodness prevail

Yusuf Nalwala

Happy to be part of this forum. Will share some happy experiences soon

Imtiaz Baig

Dear Baig Saab,
Brilliant Initiative. Sure this forum will do a lot of good. Best wishes Imtiaz

Mirza Mouzam Baig

I am deeply inspired by the vision of The Hope Forum. In a world where negativity often overshadows the good, creating a space dedicated to positivity and mutual appreciation is a beautiful initiative.
May Allah bless The Hope Forum and all its members for their sincere efforts in making the world a better place. Insha’Allah.

Jude-Farley Pierre, D.P.M.

May this forum become the norm!


Love this, Yawar. Thank you for doing this. It’s time we all started to care for things that facilitate the greater good. 💪🏼✊🏼🙏🏼❤️

Hanna Dastigir Awkal

This is timely and much-needed – a prescription for healing in these tumultuous times. Our minds, hearts, souls and even bodies need a salve and this is a space where healing can happen; where the innate goodness of the human spirit can be revived.


Dear Dr. Yawar,

The post on hope is very timely. The thought of Hope Forum as an oasis in the desert captures the essence of our long wait for the dawn and after the darkness of night sky engulfing us. The vision to create a space where only good news and positive thoughts are shared is much needed in a day and age where we only get hear news of death and destruction a plenty. May this initiative grow and continue to bring light to many lives


Manjit Sungh

Let us make the world a better place!

Sheila Hanifin

I sense the water already. I’m grateful for this invitation to experience happiness with you all, the possibilities for peace filled hearts is limitless.

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