Tomorrow also has only 24 hours

Good intentions are not a substitute for systematic action. 
Neither is enthusiasm a substitute for discipline. 
Noise is different from music
We all have the same 24 hours and no, tomorrow won’t have more. All tomorrows have only 24 hours. ‘Tomorrow I’ll have more time,’ is the biggest self- deception line of all time. The key to managing time is to prioritize. Assess all prospective actions in terms of  their impact on your overall goal and then decide what to do and when. Yes you have to first have an overall goal. The sooner you write one – yes, you have to actually write it down – the bigger your advantage. There is something in the nature of written down goals which invokes action. Then you devise a strategy to achieve your goal. That will involve creating steps which consist of individual actions and the time to take each one. Then you act.

Key ingredient: Discipline. Discipline is the key to life and to dieting: The big secret of dieting is to realize that my mouth is my property. Nobody can put anything in it that I don’t want them to. Discipline is where the rubber meets the road. It is walking your talk; to do what you claim you want to accomplish. It is to get up early in the morning so that you have more time in which to reach your goal. Discipline is to wake up every morning and work to make your dream can come true. Because a dream is not what you see in your sleep. 
A dream is that which does not let you sleep.

An extremely useful tool to manage time is the humble ‘Checklist’. It is a wonderful tool to minimize mistakes and ensure that all the critical things get done. Managing time is about discipline and execution. Actually doing what you set out to do. It sounds simple but is not so easy for some people. But once you get used to this very useful ‘regimentation’ you will realize its value. There is nothing cute about freedom that results in waste of resources. Time is a resource – a non-renewable one to boot. 
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Habibe Keskin

Thank you for the great blog. I am truly grateful for the inspirational words you give.

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