Author: Yawar Baig

  • Hope Forum

    Hope Forum

    The Hope Forum is a place that the injured from Twitter, Facebook and other social media can come, to detox and cure themselves from the negativity of the world. There’s much good happening in the world that gets no lift. Bad news sells. So we’ll give each other good news for free. And you’ll be…

  • What is wrong with the Climate Change message

    What is wrong with the Climate Change message

    The bottom line is that if we want action on Climate Change & Global Warming, we must device language that makes sense to ordinary people, creates a sense of urgency in them, shows them how their individual actions can have global impact and most importantly give them viable alternatives to replace what they are doing/using…

  • East Coast Express

    East Coast Express

    There was one solitary policeman at the main entrance with a zillion mosquitoes to keep him company. I spoke to him and explained my predicament and he was most understanding. Having gained access to the terminal building, I asked him where I could sleep. “Sleep anybhear,” he replied. I told you he was helpful. Anywhere,…

  • Winning means staying in the race

    Winning means staying in the race

    The first thing to learn therefore is to listen to some hard talk without flinching. In the ring, the one who wins is not the one who can hit hardest but the one who can take a hard hit and remain standing. That is life. The race doesn’t end when you fall but when you…

  • Indian Muslims – Looking ahead

    Indian Muslims – Looking ahead

    It must be made clear to all concerned that the issue of the development of Muslims is not an issue of Muslims alone. It is an issue of this land of ours. No country can survive, much less grow and prosper where a large part of its population has no access to its prosperity. We…

  • O! Teacher, stop teaching

    O! Teacher, stop teaching

    If I were asked to define the biggest challenge for the teacher, I would say, ‘It is to teach children how to deal with a world that we know nothing about.’ In such a world, imagination is the key resource that they will need. Without imagination they would be floundering trying to find answers in…

  • Fact is stranger than fiction

    Fact is stranger than fiction

    Some experiences happen that leave you dumbfounded. I have had many such. This is one of them. They are markers for me that Allahﷻ is there and watching and protects us with His Mercy.

  • Going back to school at an advanced age

    Going back to school at an advanced age

    At age 70 I decided to go back to college. In this episode, I talk about my return to formal education – an 8-week immersion Arabic course at Middlebury Language Schools.

  • How can I become an organizational consultant?

    How can I become an organizational consultant?

    Constantly update your knowledge and experience. Admit a mistake if you make it and show how you learned from it. Don’t make excuses or try to shift the blame to someone else. Honesty always pays. Honesty is critical to building credibility which is the lifeblood of consulting. Without credibility you are nothing and will never…

  • America first time

    America first time

    Building bridges is about focusing on commonalities, not differences. It is about inviting. Not forcing. It is also not about compromising our principles to become ‘acceptable’ to others.  In this life you can be one of two things. You can be a wall builder or a bridge builder. I am a bridge builder. That is…