Author: Yawar Baig

  • No risk, no gain

    No risk, no gain

    I believe that for consultants the two things which are most important are demonstrable self-development and articles and books. If you can demonstrate that you pay and work for your own development and if you publish regularly, it is a competitive advantage, and you stand out from your competition. The joy of entrepreneurship is that…

  • First Breakthrough

    First Breakthrough

    Integrity for me has always been an all-or-nothing value. Like the famous quote, ‘You can’t be slightly pregnant,’ I believe that you can’t be slightly dishonest. But of course, you must be willing to pay the price for your convictions. I got a reputation in the market for being completely inflexible on ethical matters. The…

  • Winning is a Personal Choice

    Winning is a Personal Choice

    Winning is about dedication. It is about concentration. It is about focus. It is about making tough choices willingly. It is about stepping forward and saying, ‘Choose me not because I am cheap but because I can give you the best value.’ Winning is not an accident. Winning is not a mystery. You will win…

  • Beware of gradual change

    Beware of gradual change

    Your Pink Slip was written the first time you passed up an opportunity to learn. It was just sent to you on the day you received it. What is sad is not the Pink Slip but that it was you who wrote it for yourself.

  • The Journey

    The Journey

    I have always had an abundance mentality and happily share my thoughts, ideas, even intellectual resources with anyone who asks, including my potential competitors. Some of them, now good friends, have asked me why I give away my ‘capital’. I do it for two reasons. Nobody owns thought and knowledge. You get it from someone…

  • Paying my dues

    Paying my dues

    Entrepreneurs make active choices. When one sees a successful entrepreneur at his peak, one tends to forget all that he had to do to get there. Entrepreneurs make what others call ‘sacrifice’ but which the entrepreneur himself knows is an investment in his own learning and development. He knows that without this investment in time,…

  • Step One

    Step One

    If those who taught me had charged me a fee, I would never have been able to pay it. That is why I don’t charge anyone a fee if they want my advice in learning to be trainers. Having said that, I have yet to find anyone who had the determination and willingness that I…

  • The Living Forest

    The Living Forest

    When you walk through a forest in silence, the forest washes over you and bathes you in its energy. You breathe the pure supercharged oxygenated air. You can feel the force of the trees under which you are walking. And you can hear the movement and calls of the animals and birds that the forest…

  • Breaking Free

    Breaking Free

    Entrepreneurship is about taking charge of your own life. It takes a lot of courage, some insanity, strategic thinking, a thick skin, boundless energy, resilience like a truck tyre, sincerity, and hunger to succeed. If you don’t have these, get them. They are on the discount shelf in Walmart. You don’t think so? You are…

  • Corporate Realities – Thought-share

    Corporate Realities – Thought-share

    For in the end, people work for themselves, not for others. They work for others who appear to be enablers to help them achieve their own goals. I don’t mean to sound cynical. This is the reality as I have experienced it and something that shows us what we need to do to influence others.…