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  • Do you want to remain happily married?

    Do you want to remain happily married?

    Thank your spouse every day. Several times a day. Because there’s no thanking Allah without thanking the people. So, thank them for all the so-called small things. You will know the value of those small things when they are not there.

  • 8 – Keys to Consulting

    8 – Keys to Consulting

    Remember that your real customer is only the one who is willing to pay you. All others are like footfalls in a mall. They came to walk in an air-conditioned environment, out of the heat of the day. You happen to be there, so they are passing their time in your shop. If they walk…

  • Use things, not people; Value people, not things

    Invest in people, not things Right people add value. Possessions add cost, not value and always depreciate Surround yourself with great people and value them. Tell them, show them, and do it often. Valuing is not simply patting backs or giving blue ribbons or bonus cheques. Valuing is to push them to do their best,…

  • Structure and Focus

    Structure and Focus

    Balance passion and system – Passion without system burns out. System without passion creates bureaucracy.  But together they can change the world All the passion in the world will get you nowhere if you don’t create a step by step strategy to achieve your goals and then focus on each step, one by one. Work…

  • Who decides on gender equality?

    Gender inequality a product of culture, not religion: Study. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIwuIXDvCA Let me begin with a disclaimer in the best modern tradition of writing that I accept that there’s gender discrimination and that women invariably get the short end of the stick. There is oppression of women, in Muslim societies as much as in others, all…