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  • Living in a Revolution

    Living in a Revolution

    We are living in a revolution. What we choose to do or not to do will leave a legacy that will be uniquely ours. Let us choose for the future of generations, not our own present, so that it will be a legacy of honor.

  • Controlling our future

    Controlling our future

    Our challenge, as educators, parents, leaders, and concerned citizens is to make this happen not for one person but on a scale that will show a difference in a short time. The longer we take to create a core group of independent people who can think, solve problems, take risk, own responsibility, and stand up…

  • Hiring Winners

    Hiring Winners

    We all start in the same place. We all start as idealists. I have yet to see a child who was not an idealist. We all want to make a difference to the world we live in, to do great things and to be remembered. We all want to be winners. But how many people…

  • Entrepreneurship is the ultimate test of commitment

    Entrepreneurship is the ultimate test of commitment

    Entrepreneurship is all about spirit. But first we must recognize our purpose and then we need to consciously accept it. That is the scary part. But that is the threshold that must be crossed to demonstrate that we are in and not out. Choices are not always easy. As a matter of fact, all the…

  • CV – See Me

    CV – See Me

    Speak the truth in the CV because you’ll have to live by it. Calling an ass ‘a transportation system’ is allowed, but you may be pushing it. Decide if you are a rabbit or a monkey. Don’t apply for a tree climbing job if you are a rabbit. No amount of positive thinking will get…

  • 8 – Keys to Consulting

    8 – Keys to Consulting

    Remember that your real customer is only the one who is willing to pay you. All others are like footfalls in a mall. They came to walk in an air-conditioned environment, out of the heat of the day. You happen to be there, so they are passing their time in your shop. If they walk…

  • 20 – 10 – 2020 – 65

    20 – 10 – 2020 – 65

    Today, October 20, 2020, I am sixty-five years old. Ten years ago, on October 20, 2010 when I was fifty-five years old, a friend suggested that I should write about the lessons I had learned in life. So, I wrote a book called, “20-10-2010-55, Fifty-five life lessons.” Today, I decided to tell you one lesson…

  • Make a difference to someone

    Make a difference to someone

    Never compromise your legacy. Never lose sight of your purpose. Ask, ‘Why am I here?’ Write it down and stick it on your wall. Look at it every morning and re-dedicate yourself to that. Stick to that. There will be times when all sorts of other things will seek priority. Different issues will demand importance.…

  • Ambadi, the turn-around strategy

    Ambadi, the turn-around strategy

    When you are working in a high conflict environment a particularly important strategy is to proactively reduce the issues on which conflict may happen. The fewer the conflicting issues, the easier your role in resolving them. Remember, the key is to do this proactively without being asked. The more issues you resolve unilaterally, the more…

  • Leadership is content independent

    Leadership is content independent

    I stressed in my Staff meeting that if my Staff did what I asked them to do wholeheartedly, I would take responsibility for any failures. I learnt from experience that when you have a team that is skilled, but not motivated and afraid, then you as the leader need to be able to take the…