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  • What’s your Worth?

    What’s your Worth?

    I am not against economic development. I am against giving it precedence over honor, truthfulness and integrity. After all, if we do that, then what’s wrong with drug dealing, stealing, bribing, human trafficking and a plethora of ways to make money? It is only truthfulness, the sense of right and wrong, virtue and sin that…

  • Learning from Life – Morsi

    Learning from Life – Morsi

    This is my attempt at trying to learn some lessons from history. Let me warn you in advance that if any analysis is to make meaning or prove useful, it must be divorced from emotion. I know that many of my readers, indeed I myself, can think of many excuses for what Morsi did and…

  • Committing matrimony

    Committing matrimony

    Truth, Caring, Mutual respect are what I call my three Cardinal Principles of happy marriages. Please notice that I am not using the word ‘love’. Love comes out of these three things. What is called love is usually physical desire. The shape or size of someone’s body is not the inspiration for love; it can…

  • Friends of Fake News

    Fake news is the bane of our lives and believe it or not (and MIT study, no less, proves this) it is so-called well-meaning people who spread it faster than any bot. Are you one of them? If so, cease and desist.

  • Freedom of WHO?? Freedom of WHAT??

    http://link.email.washingtonpost.com/r/HXJVEI/8CCVF/EE6VYF/5I4KK7/LL6GK/T3/t Very seldom do we get the decidedly delightful opportunity of rubbing the collective noses of self-righteous pompous asses in it so I am going to take full advantage of it. Justice is seldom so swift or so clear. Not too long ago in the matter of the cartoons of the Prophet of Islam, we…