Freedom of WHO?? Freedom of WHAT??

Very seldom do we get the decidedly delightful opportunity of rubbing the collective noses of self-righteous pompous asses in it so I am going to take full advantage of it. Justice is seldom so swift or so clear.

Not too long ago in the matter of the cartoons of the Prophet of Islam, we heard big sermons about this most valuable of our freedoms, this symbol of modern democracy, the sign that we were alive, intelligent, honorable, virile, beautiful, free and sane; the famous Freedom of Expression. Our right to have any opinion we liked about anyone we liked and to be able to express it whenever, wherever and however we liked irrespective of how anyone else liked it or agreed with it. Those who disagreed with this definition of Freedom of Expression were accused of everything from bigotry to extremism to outright terrorism. So far, so good.

So now what happened to this Freedom of Expression and where are all the knights in shining armor who were so ready to ride to its defense when an 89 year old woman, a venerable journalist whose service to her nation spans a period longer than the lives of most people; exercised her right to Freedom of Expression? How come nobody comes to her defense to say, ‘Well, she has a right to her opinion and the right to express it anywhere and in any way she likes because she is only exercising her Freedom of Expression?’ How is it now that everyone is at her throat? She has been sacked and maligned and attacked and her career ruined, all because of one remark that she made about that Holy of Holies which shall remain nameless? Why?

So my question is; is it Freedom of Expression that we want to safeguard or Freedom of Hypocrisy? I think I will let you decide.

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