Year: 2022

  • Madrassa education – Crying need for change

    Madrassa education – Crying need for change

    The present syllabus is totally inadequate both theologically and in a worldly sense. Add to that the fact that graduates come out with the title of A’alim, and an inflated sense of their own importance combined with an inferiority complex. Sounds crazy but it’s their reality. This happens when their Madrassa-inflated egos meet the real…

  • Selecting Members for Masjid Boards

    Selecting Members for Masjid Boards

    The Masjid is perhaps the most important component of any Muslim community and how it is run has a big impact on the ability of the community to remain cohesive, active, and productive. In America this is particularly complex because there is so much cultural and ethnic diversity. However, when you look at Masjid Board…

  • In defense of YET

    In defense of YET

    To question is indeed a virtue. All progress depends on questioning; on not accepting status quo; on not accepting that change is impossible. The most heroic effort depends on believing that success is possible. I may not know how or why or when. But I know that it can be done. That will happen only…

  • Living in a Revolution

    Living in a Revolution

    We are living in a revolution. What we choose to do or not to do will leave a legacy that will be uniquely ours. Let us choose for the future of generations, not our own present, so that it will be a legacy of honor.

  • My parents – Ordinary people who left extraordinary memories

    My parents – Ordinary people who left extraordinary memories

    But through all those years, through all the pain, the restricted mobility and consequently restricted social life, I never heard her complain even once. That is the remarkable thing about both my parents, that they never complained about whatever difficulties they had to face.

  • Thou shalt not commit matrimony with thine eyes shut

    Thou shalt not commit matrimony with thine eyes shut

    Be in the job of creating memories for each other. Because that will be your legacy and the only thing which will remain with you one day. Forget justice, think abundance. Forget rights, think duties. You will be questioned about your duties. Not about your rights. If both spouses fulfill their duties, their rights will…

  • Advice to a friend going off to university

    Advice to a friend going off to university

    Last but not least, be kind. Especially to those who have no power to benefit you. They are the most important because the one who has nobody, has Allah and his voice reaches the Throne of Allah even if he doesn’t worship Him. Fear the dua (prayer) of the oppressed for there is no barrier…

  • Controlling our future

    Controlling our future

    Our challenge, as educators, parents, leaders, and concerned citizens is to make this happen not for one person but on a scale that will show a difference in a short time. The longer we take to create a core group of independent people who can think, solve problems, take risk, own responsibility, and stand up…

  • Tribute to my friend Bonnie McIvor

    Tribute to my friend Bonnie McIvor

    Every time I think of my journey of entrepreneurship, I realize that I didn’t become an entrepreneur when I launched my company in 1994, but when I answered Bonnie McIvor’s question about why I was not accepting her brilliant offer of a job in GE. That was the critical incident which decided my destiny. And…

  • Learn to eat grass

    Learn to eat grass

    Below is a real question and my answer to it. This happened to me in a country that I was visiting at the time to speak about the Seerah (life/way) of Rasoolullahﷺ. A very concerned young woman asked me this question. I answered her. After considering my response, she refused the proposal and lived to…