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  • How can I become an author?

    How can I become an author?

    You become an author by writing. Not by talking about how badly you want to become an author. It is like drawing or singing – people hesitate to do it because they don’t think they are good at it. That explains the popularity of bathroom singing because you do it in what you think is…

  • Hit the road running

    Hit the road running

    What is it that drives a man to excel? What if we make that the goal of our lives? To excel. Even if you are running in the right direction, you will lose the race if you don’t run fast enough. So if you want to win the race you don’t just have to run…

  • Structure and Focus

    Structure and Focus

    Balance passion and system – Passion without system burns out. System without passion creates bureaucracy.  But together they can change the world All the passion in the world will get you nowhere if you don’t create a step by step strategy to achieve your goals and then focus on each step, one by one. Work…