My Thoughts

My deepest fear is that I will simply die one day Crying for what might have been The earth will be free of carrying my burden And there will be no trace of my passing What use such a life? That one lives and one dies Yet there is nothing to show that either happened! …

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Cuthbert Suares Jr. whose memory is alive

There are some people who come into your life as a grace from Allah. You can’t imagine what you could have done to deserve someone like that. Yet it happens. Such a person comes into your life, touches you, and leaves. But the memory remains with you forever. For me, Berty was such a one. My only regret is that he is not present to read this. It is now many years since he passed away, but I still can’t think of him without a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Many times have I heard or read that one must say to those you love, that you love them. Because a time may come when you want to say it but they are not there hear it. All I can hope for is that my friend knew how much I loved him. He was more to me than I can possibly describe. This is a tribute to him.

My Parents – Ordinary people who left extraordinary memories

   He was your grandfather and you are of his blood. He was very proud of you as he was proud of all his children and grandchildren. May Allahﷻ bless you and your parents. Allahﷻ is very merciful. Pappa went very peacefully and with great dignity and grace. His face was so full of Noor …

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Sand River Bush Camp – Kruger National Park – Memories

The Kruger Bush Camp had been a dream of several years standing when I received an invitation from Honorary Ranger Mr. Farouk Hassan to participate in the camp from March 27-30. I was delighted to say the least and accepted with great alacrity before he could change his mind. How do you describe the experience …

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