My Thoughts

My deepest fear is that I will simply die one day
Crying for what might have been
The earth will be free of carrying my burden
And there will be no trace of my passing
What use such a life?
That one lives and one dies
Yet there is nothing to show that either happened!
Nothing was changed
No oppression relieved
No ideas ignited
No lives touched
Just that I had lived
And now I am dead
Chase your dream and know
Dreams want to be caught
To live, the dream must come true
Until then it is only a dream
I walked alone through the desert
I walked alone by the ocean
I walked alone through the forest
I walked alone on the mountain
For I was born to die
But I was not born to die without meaning
I was given the chance to make what meaning I desired
For that is what would define me when I was gone
I ask myself, ‘What did I do?’
What more could I have done?
For in the end it was not about others

It was about me.

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It pierces through my heart and stirs my conscience. It reminds me to pay my dues for living this life and serving my purpose. It matters little the epitaph you inscribe on my tombstone; what matters is whether my memory lives in the hearts of people, friends and family I leave behind.

Khadeeja Mohamedali

True to the last letter. And Alhamdulillah the answer to each of your questions is in your relentless work!


Beautiful thought provoking poem.

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