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  • Become Overcomers

    Become Overcomers

    So, ask yourself, “In terms of the challenges that I face today, what do I need to do if I want to be a ‘Master’ and not a ‘Victim’? What is the investment that I need to make to succeed?” Free fall and flight feel the same in the beginning. But it is the end…

  • Master or Victim – time to choose wisely

    Master or Victim – time to choose wisely

    People sometimes look at the misery that surrounds us and ask, ‘Why doesn’t God do something about all the sick and dying and starving people?’ The answer is, ‘God did something already. He created you and gave you the means to feed at least one hungry person, pay for the education of one child, pay…

  • Invest, invest, invest

    Invest, invest, invest

    Forget sacrifice, think investment All sacrifice ends, but investment yields forever Invest in yourself, in your learning. Knowledge is the key to success. But only if applied. Knowledge applied thoughtfully yields wisdom. The two are not the same. So focus on your investment; track it, measure the yield, and do it often. Write your own…