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  • For he was a man

    For he was a man

    I learnt, very practically, that the best way to make progress was to develop a relationship based on sincerity as that would be the only thing that you could count on, especially in hard times. I remember how Nick Adams used to put it. He’d say, “A relationship is like a bank account. You only…

  • First-time Manager

    First-time Manager

    Vision is to be able to see that which doesn’t exist. Anticipation is the key which is not difficult to achieve if you do some scenario planning. 

  • Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight

    There are four things that I have learnt in building a leadership consulting practice across the globe that are related to Customer Service. They are: The customer is not always right but the customer is always the customer. All rules related to customers must be clearly for the customer’s benefit. Good recovery after service failure…