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  • Babari Masjid dispute – or is it?

    Babari Masjid dispute – or is it?

    In the drama called India we are about to open a new scene. Actually, a new episode of an old story – the so-called Babari Masjid dispute. The attempt by the spin doctors is to make it sound like the usual, ‘We Hindus are being reasonable, peaceful, non-violent and accommodative as usual. You Muslims really…

  • Wah! Taj

    Wah! Taj

    Chacha, did you hear what I said? What did you say Sangeet Som beta? I said that Shah Jahan was a traitor and an enemy of Hindus who wanted to wipe them out and that the Taj Mahal is a blot on Indian culture. Shabaash! Kya baat hai! Teri tho jai ho! But tell me,…