The power of the extraordinary goal – Part 1

white goal post

Believe it or not, the first time that color television sets became freely available in India was after the Asian Games in 1985. Almost everyone I knew in the plantations immediately bought a color TV and a VCP (no VCRs yet), so that the lonely evenings in the plantations could be spent watching films. There used to be weekend parties to watch some movie or the other or to watch some sport event. When Boris Becker beat Kevin Curren and won Wimbledon in 1985 aged 17, becoming the youngest champion in tournament history, a record which holds to this day, we were invited by Taher bhai (Mr. S. M. Taher) and Bibs in their bungalow in Sheikalmudi. Taher bhai was the Group Manager and we spent a very enjoyable evening with the usual fabulous dinner of ‘Bibs cuisine’. I recall that evening with great pleasure to this day. But for seven years, we did not get a TV because I had no money to spare. All my money was spent either in buying books or in traveling to training courses. I had to take a bit of ribbing from some quarters for being so backward as to not even have a TV in my house..

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