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  • How can I become an organizational consultant?

    How can I become an organizational consultant?

    Constantly update your knowledge and experience. Admit a mistake if you make it and show how you learned from it. Don’t make excuses or try to shift the blame to someone else. Honesty always pays. Honesty is critical to building credibility which is the lifeblood of consulting. Without credibility you are nothing and will never…

  • Breaking Free

    Breaking Free

    Entrepreneurship is about taking charge of your own life. It takes a lot of courage, some insanity, strategic thinking, a thick skin, boundless energy, resilience like a truck tyre, sincerity, and hunger to succeed. If you don’t have these, get them. They are on the discount shelf in Walmart. You don’t think so? You are…

  • Become Overcomers

    Become Overcomers

    So, ask yourself, “In terms of the challenges that I face today, what do I need to do if I want to be a ‘Master’ and not a ‘Victim’? What is the investment that I need to make to succeed?” Free fall and flight feel the same in the beginning. But it is the end…

  • Giving up too soon

    Giving up too soon

    One who understands this does not lose hope or energy but smiles in anticipation of reaching the last stage when he knows that the pan will start to descend to the counter-top.

  • Beware of the C – Word

    Beware of the C – Word

    If you think success is difficult, try failure. To accept mediocrity is to accept failure at the start. Mediocrity ensures that your failure is permanent. That drug is called ‘compromise.’ I know that there are more mediocre people in the world than those who achieve excellence. But ask yourself who you would rather be –…

  • To train or to entertain

    The dilemma of the modern corporate enter-trainer One of my friends who is a corporate trainer/teacher/facilitator, wrote to me on Teacher’s Day and talked about how the nature of training/teaching has changed. Observation: attitudes of students have changed… Guru is not necessarily a brahmo or devo. As a service provider, there is no leeway or…