Shift in Education from IA to AI

Covid has brought us face to face with the reality of what is truly important in life. Thanks to the enforced isolation of home quarantine and the shut-down of all public life, we have been forced to face ourselves. Education, like other things has had to change in the way it is experienced – teaching and learning. Technology has helped us in self-learning and access to databases to search add and share our thoughts with the rest of the world. In this context, this lecture attempts to look at what is really important to focus on. Remote education is not merely to put people in front of a Zoom screen. We need to focus on the underlying principles, ethics, morals and values of education and share our thoughts going forward. The lecture is my attempt to share my thoughts, questions and my thinking as on date. It is not THE TRUTH, it is not a solution, it is not and ending. It is to show you the sights from my window as we travel this road together. I hope you enjoy it and will share your thoughts and impressions with us.

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