Punishment ISIS style is NOT ISLAMIC

Someone commented on the incident of the ISIS hanging up two boys by their wrists for a day or more because they didn’t fast in Ramadan. Below is the comment and my answer.

Overall, the ISIS seems a covert American operation to consolidate territory in Iraq and Syria. However, and to be fair, the case in point here – the boys being ‘hanged’ for eating while the Ramadan fasts are on – isn’t quite about their being killed by hanging. Actually, they were just hung up on poles by their wrists (for the whole day or more) as punishment for not fasting.


My dear brother وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
I have highlighted your statement Actually, they were just hung up on poles by their wrists (for the whole day or more) as punishment for not fasting…. Which seems to imply that this punishment given to the boys was justified.
I beg to differ, completely and totally. The punishment is unislamic and has no grounds in the Shari’ah. The punishment is brutal, barbaric, inhuman, unislamic and Haraam.
It is an action that can (and more than probably did) result in permanent damage to the veins and cartilages in the wrists and the cartilages and joints of the elbows and shoulders of the boys. It resulted in permanently scarring them psychologically. It more than likely made them hate Islam all their lives.
Where is the precedence for this in the life of the Prophet who we like to quote in the treatment of children? Where is the precedent for this in the Qur’an and Sunnah? Which Madhhab prescribes the punishment for children not fasting (or for adults even) that they should be hung up by their wrists for a day or more? Who invented this punishment and what is the punishment for inventing punishments in Islam?
With due respect to you, I submit what I have always said from the first day when this scourge of the ISIS raised its ugly head – they are the modern manifestation of the Khawarij and should be dealt with as Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Talib (RA) dealt with them – by exterminating them. Whether they are pawns of the Americans or not is conjecture. Even if it is true, there was no American telling them to hang the boys up because they didn’t fast. There was no American telling them to slaughter prisoners – including Muslims – like sheep. There was no American telling them to sell women civilians (non-combatants) like animals in a market place to the highest bidder after displaying them like merchandise. These are the actions of psychopathic criminals and must be recognized as such.
Just ask yourself what would be your reaction if the Israelis had done what these people are doing to the Palestinians? Would you have said, ‘They are the tools of America. After all they only hung up those boys for a day or more by their wrists. They didn’t kill them.’
I have suggested to those who say such things, to kindly suspend themselves for a day or more by their wrists and then when you are taken down with your trousers soiled by your own urine and faeces, your veins damaged, your hands gangrenous because of lack of blood supply for 12 hours or more, your elbows stretched until you can’t bend your arms for hours, your shoulder cartilages permanently damaged with perhaps the shoulders dislocated, screaming in agony; dishonored, humiliated, shamed and injured and your spirit scarred; then say, ‘Actually they only hung me for a day or more.’
I am sorry to say this but since you made this statement publicly I thought it important to put things in perspective.
The actions of the ISIS are Haraam, against the Qur’an and Sunnah and render them out of Islam. They are Murtaddeen and apostates. They are not the Islamic State. Their Khalifa is not a Khalifa except of Shaytaan. Anyone who joins them is either seriously misguided or deranged or a psychopath himself who wants to get some thrills in their barbaric society. These people have caused far more damage to Islam and grief and suffering to Muslims all over the world than all the cartoonists who sought to insult the Prophet put together. It is the actions of these people which are done in the name of Islam with Islamic symbolism and signage that has caused people to hate Islam and our Prophet. These people are the clear and manifest enemies of Islam and must be declared as such.
This has been my position from the first day and as time progressed I have been vindicated in my stand. I have spoken against the ISIS in India and abroad and written against them widely. They are a curse on the Muslims and we need to condemn them openly and clearly. They must be exterminated in the shortest possible time.
I ask Allah for His Mercy for all people and for His help in deliverance from this curse of the ISIS.
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