Mentoring, Elixir of Life

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A lot of people seek out mentor-ship but very few consider actually becoming a mentor. What does it take to be a mentor? How do you convey your knowledge to your protegee? What are some things to do and not to do? Listen to Mirza Yawar Baig answer all your questions about being a successful mentor.

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Nusrate Ibrahim

Thank-you Sheikh.
Yes in shaa Allah continue the leadership reminders.
To a certain extent I can relate to your consulting experience, I have faced ” being undermined” by people who have hired me an in particular by the person who introduced me to the organisation.
Anyway I remind myself of my objective in being in this organisation and Praise be to God.
What is mine is not going to miss me!

Saad jameel khan

masha allah,very informative and real life experience ,Jazak allah Qair for sharing,

Saad jameel khan

This article rating is too touch sensitive.

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