Life is Math

Life is an equation. 

You control only one side, but with that you can affect the outcome. Most of us look at the other side that we don’t control and feel helpless. We forget that it is the outcome that we should focus on and see what number we need to write on our side of the equation to get the number we need in the outcome. 

You don’t believe me? 

Write: 2 x 2 = 4. Then change the first 2 and see what happens.

Newton discovered the principle that action and reaction are equal and opposite. We are not passive recipients of happenings. We decide what will happen to us by what we do. True, most of it is unconscious most of the time and that is the challenge – to make it conscious so that you can influence outcomes; focus on what you can control and you will find that you begin to control outcomes as well.

Luck is not chance at all; it is an outcome of actions. People who plan and work hard tend to be lucky. The same luck doesn’t come across to those who may be in the same environment because they neither planned nor worked for those results. So you can work or you can wait for luck. It will be a long and fruitless wait.

As they say, ‘When opportunity knocks, some people complain about the noise.’

I say, ‘Opportunity doesn’t knock at all. It is like hunting. You have to sense it, track it until it is in sight. Then chase it down while it is trying to get away.’

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