Based off the BBC4 “Desert Island Discs” podcast, college student Omar Abdelaal sits down and asks Leadership Consultant Mr. Mirza Yawar Baig to select 8 music titles most connected to his life experiences. Interviewing in the outdoors, a natural habitat for the interviewee, childhood memories and stories are shared with us through laughs and tears. A podcast special you could say features all, (some wind disturbances and Mr. Baig’s music selection). We ask you to live the environment Mr. Yawar Baig loves so much by going on a brisk morning walk and enjoy!

Moving forward, please let us know what you think, ask any questions, and if you would like to see more of podcasts like these. Thank you and be well!

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As salaamualykum Sheikh. I trust you are well and safe. Alhamdulilah, listening to the podcast was a good hour and little more of great inspiration before the start of school. We share similar songs and for reasons that differ but there is an intellectual thread that is appreciated. The first one Banana Boat was popular because it was the first major school concert and it was a lead song for the best high school performance and it related to political issues in SA. Eye of the Tiger an all time favourite because it was the introduction of the the boxing sensation in SA and again with us who understood that… Read more »


edit on my last paragraph…
 Sheikh I was intrigued by the song from the Last of the Mohicans because it speaks volumes on your life goals as I see it – the need to keep on persevering even if you are the last one standing because it shows grit and determination.

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