If it can’t make you cry, it can’t make you work

I know only one way to live and that is to live passionately. 

When you live passionately, you are alive, happy and have no stress. You can work hours that leave others exhausted. You don’t need holidays because your whole life is a holiday and you actually get paid to do what you would have paid to do.

To live passionately and have a life that is full of joy and goodness you need nothing except the attitude that says, ‘Whatever I do, I will do it passionately. And if I am not passionate about it, I will not do it.’ Constraints? Well, constraints don’t decide if you will succeed or fail. They only tell you where you need to start. So start and keep at it. Success is inevitable for the one who perseveres, learns from his mistakes and is willing to invest in himself. Money? It is the natural result of intelligent effort. You can’t help but make money. It is however not a worthy goal. Only those who have no self-respect chase money. Money is like a shadow. You chase it and you will do that all your life. You focus on your path and keep walking and you will see that it will never leave you.

Passion alone enables you to be human. What do I mean by that? Being human is to live in the world of dreams and make them real. Being human is to stand for principles of justice even if you stand alone. Being human is to fight for those whose fate doesn’t touch your life. Being human means to work to create positive results which will outlive you by generations and centuries. Being human is about being moral, ethical, courageous, truthful and compassionate. The rest is being mammal. Not being human. You don’t need passion for that. Only hormones. Every dog has them as do most people. It is passion that sets you apart as someone who was concerned about more than his animal desires. Someone who lived so that others could prosper. And someone who died so that others could live. It is sense of legacy that differentiates humans from animals. Passion is where it originates. That is why every human is an animal but only the passionate are human.

I have always been passionate in all that I did in my sixty-one years. I was passionate about horses and horse riding. I excelled in dressage and cross country riding and played polo. I was passionate about dogs and training them; I learned many lessons in psychology from them. I was passionate about wildlife and the jungles, so I spent endless hours and days, walking the jungles of the Aravallies with my Gond partner, Shivayya. I am passionate about being independent, so I lived on my own in South America beside the Berbice River in a mining town called Kwakwani  in Guyana, when I was just over twenty years old and have been on my own ever since.

I am passionate about developing leaders, so I have a global leadership training practice and have taught more than 200,000 managers, administrators, police officers, teachers, technologists and clergy to date, on three continents. I have written six books and write three blogs and have clients on three continents.

I am passionate about Islam, learning, practicing, and presenting it to the world. So I have written twenty books (twenty-first in progress), recorded over six hundred lectures (three hundred and fifty are on YouTube) and spoken on three continents and still going. I started the daily Fajr Reminder series which has over thirteen hundred lecturettes and still going.  

All of this the result of one thing: PASSION. I believe that what you are not passionate about is not worth doing because you can only excel in something that you love. So love it or leave it.
My story is in my new book, ‘It’s my Life’. The book is on Amazon and Kindle. I hope you will enjoy it.

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Sreenu Babu

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Sreenu Babu

Between the first and the last horses in the pic collage, there is this vibrant philosopher who speaks from his heart and shares truest insights of life. Life not driven by passion is fully loaded with trauma.

Husein Latif

Enjoyed reading this a lot. and I resonate entirely.

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