Attitude of Gratitude

In these days of stress and turmoil thanks to Corona virus, ‘Gratitude’ may not seem to be the best term to use to speak about what is happening, but I choose it for the following reasons:

  1. How many of us contracted the infection ourselves?
  2. How many have a close relative who was infected?
  3. How many have someone close, die as a result of Corona?
  4. How many of us wanted time off (in many cases paid time off) to read that book, watch that film, go for a long walk or even clean the garage or attic?
  5. How many of us felt that we need to spend more time with the family and that our own children had become strangers because we were so busy with our work?
  6. How many wanted more reflection time to devise new business strategies?
  7. How many of us feel and expressed gratitude that this enforced detention has given us all these things? How many of us expressed gratitude that the Corona casualty numbers are simply numbers for us? That they have not become names.
  8. How many of us feel closer to Allahﷻ because we have suddenly become aware of our own powerlessness and of His power?
  9. How many of us are grateful to be reminded of our mortality and that it can and will happen one day, so that we can focus on what is really important in our lives?
  10. How many of us will use this opportunity to reboot our lives to make them more productive, fulfilling and beneficial to all those around us?

This is what we need to be grateful for.

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Ab Hamid bhat

Great sir.

Aatif Nasim

Jazak Allah Khair. Alhamdulillah for everything

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