Focus on Giving

The world loves ‘givers’ and hates ‘takers’.Now this is not just some ‘nice to do’ thing. Think farming. What do you do if you want a great harvest? Plant lots of good seed. What happens if you eat up the seed? No harvest. Life is farming.Imagine that you walked into...

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Be Resourceful

‘No’ does not mean ‘Never’.It merely means, ‘Not in this way.’ Or ‘Not just now.’That’s what makes frustration fun‘No’ does not mean ‘Never’. It merely means, ‘Not in this way.’ Or ‘Not just now.’ So invent new ways. That way frustration becomes fun. There are too...

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Be Thankful

That's a picture I took flying over South Africa. The patterns of fields is a factor of the ariel view. Perspective is a factor of distance. And so is learning in life. That's why documenting incidents, reflecting on them and trying to conceptualize learnings is so...

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