O! Teacher stop teaching

Our present methods of teaching which are inflicted on by far the vast majority of children the world over are the single biggest cause for killing the imagination that every child is born with and making them into square blocks which fit our own frightened, constrained and slavish worldview. Those who comply we ‘pass’ and those who challenge it and refuse to succumb, we ‘fail’. The occasional among those we ‘fail’, go on to great fortune. The vast majority disappear, never to be heard from again. Destroyed by the education system they didn’t deserve or ask for.

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Naziya qaiyum

Respected shiek, Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa baraktuhu.. Jazakallahu khair for such insightful thoughts. I always resonate with your articles and your way of thinking. But this time, i really have some strong points against your article. Hope you will address. 1. If there are no exams, then how will children get motivated to study, or even open books, understand and run their imagination as you said… The question from their end will be, why to even run imagination behind things which are of no use…(as no exams, no marks, no competition etc). This is about mentally sharp students. We… Read more »

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