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India Insure
Hi, I had recently attended the programme of Mr.Baig on Championing the Customer at Ramoji alongwith all my colleagues. I found the programme simply powerful. Simple and Powerful. In our everyday dealings we forget the human technology. The personal touch and common sense way of doing business. We are all the time focussed on what we offer rather than build around what the customer needs. This programme reminded us of the same and opened up our mind to new ideas. I loved the truckers example a lot. I also shared the lunch table with Mr.Baig which was my privilege. I will never forget him for very few people touch our lives in profound manner the way he did on that sunday.
Mohan Iyer, India Insure
India Insure Risk Management Services
I have rarely seen such excited and active participation from my colleagues (especially the seniors - who have seen a lot of trainers in their time) in a programme like this. Your abundant sense of humour and ability to connect at all levels is what sets you apart from the other trainers we have worked with.
Thank you!
Radhakrishna Chamarty, India Insure Risk Management Services
Wild India Camps P. Ltd
As a newly formed company specialising in responsible tourism ,we were delighted to have Yawar,with his clear thinking and passion for his work,to help define our core values and give clarity to our organisational structure. Many thanks.
Alok Bhargava, Managing Director, Wild India Camps P. Ltd
Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo
We received a presentation called 'Building Enduring Leadership' by Yawar Baig which was made to a group of 45 managers, working in 3 Middle East Countries. We have had other presentations but Yawar was different. What most struck me was the connection he made with the attendees. They were interested and moved by his words, so much so that I have received numerous requests for MORE, which we are organizing
Freddy Sherman, Executive General Manager, Commercial Division, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo
The strategic visioning exercise was held from the 27th to the 29th July 2001 at a Management Development Centre at Hosur as a residential workshop. We had 17 participants - 7 members of EQUATIONS General Body and 10 staff members. We invited Yawar Baig a senior and highly respected international management consultant and facilitator of such processes to design and facilitate this three-day workshop and advise us on the subsequent processes. Yawar has been a friend of EQUATIONS for many years and he offered his time and skill on a pro-bono basis as his contribution to EQUATIONS.

It was the first time that such a process involving GB members and staff collectively visioning EQUATIONS future took place. GB members were present who had travelled long distances within the country & internationally to be there exclusively for this event. Their presence, commitment and involvement was gratifying and a huge source of encouragement.

We spoke a common language at the end of the workshop. The process was intensive and we had adequate time to explore together EQUATIONS core values, core ideology, purpose and vision. With this in place we could move to defining strategic options and directions for the future. What was important is that the directions and vision for EQUATIONS future hitherto articulated by a few people, more actively and operationally involved in EQUATIONS was expanded into a collective and co-owned dream.

Our work on revisiting our vision was both an inspiring and anchoring exercise. While in part it was reaffirmation of core principles, it was also a space to look at our dreams for the future of EQUATIONS particularly in the context of globalisation and shrinking democratic and people-centred spaces. These have served as the touchstone in planning and defining the goals, objectives and strategic directions of our programmes.
K T Suresh, Coordinator, EQUATIONS
Bangalore Labs
Yawar took us through a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. As a 6-month old startup, we had set aside time to deliberate and work on our Vision and Core Values. What we really went into were sessions that got the team opening up and discussing issues related to our business, people and future. All this culminated in our arriving at our vision and core values in 2 days.
V Natarajan, CEO, Bangalore Labs
Aditi Technologies & Talisma Corporation
Yawar is one of best trainers for Managerial and Organization Development. He has conducted several workshops for us both in India and US and the feedback has been excellent. His ability to articulate and influence both Senior and Junior management is amazing.
Savitha, Head, Training Aditi Technologies & Talisma Corporation
Cavinkare Limited
Dear Mr. Yawar Baig, I am very happy to hear of your new website. I recall the productive association we have had prior to your trip abroad. The work you did with us in our visioning exercise detailing the vision, values and our long term goal has been of immense value to us even today. Though we have done further work on our values since then, the foundation has been very strong and has made it easier for our current deliberations. I am sure your website would likewise help companies think through their priorities and gain useful insights. I wish you all the very best in this endeavor.
With kindest regards,
C K Ranganathan, Managing Director, Cavinkare Limited

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